Short Film Distribution

White Wolfy also specializes in international short film distribution.

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That Road

2016, short fiction

Production Company: Artrupe
Director: Rafael Ramos
Omar gives up going to a job interview in Manaus and decides to embark on a road trip with strangers.
- 26° Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro;
- 28º Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo;
- 19th Thessaloniki International LGBTIQ Film Festival;
- 25th San Diego Latino Film Festival;
- 25º MixBrasil;
- 10° For Rainbow

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Ways to Come Back Home

2017, short doc

Production Company: Artrupe
Director: Rafael Ramos
I watch the avenue. I count the cars. It seems sad to think that in each car boys go to sleep, and that each of these boys will one day remember the old car in which years ago he travelled with his parents.
- 27º Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro;
- 10th Nevada International Film Festival - 2017 Platinum Reel Award;
- II Mostra do Cinema Amazonense;
- 2nd New York Indie Doc Fest


Purãga Pesika

2018, short doc

Production Company: Baiao de Dois
Directors: César Nogueira, Selma Bustamante
From Manaus to Alto Rio Negro Indigenous Territories. Inside our luggage, workshops and a Theater play. "Purãga Pesika" is the register of such experience.



2018, short fiction

Director: Gustavo Campos

Not to lose her job and the room she lives in, Lena, a live-in house maid, hides her pregnancy from the family she works for. After childbirth, she is led to take drastic action.

- 45th Concordia Film Festival;

- 7th The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival;

- 8th Illinifest Student Film Festival

São Paulo, Brazil.

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