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White Wolfy

White Wolfy is an independent film company and game developer focused on (but not limited to) LGBT+ content, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our passion for storytelling involves a diversity of narratives and representations, ranging from romantic comedies to experimental horror.

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🎬 Our award-winning short films 🎬

2023, short, documentary

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Father Júlio Lancellotti fights against the humanitarian crisis spreading throughout the city of São Paulo.

Premiered at Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes. Directed by Bruno Xavier and Chico Bahia.

A co-production between Máquina do Mundo Filmes, White Wolfy and Meyer Features.

2023, short, fantasy

Once best friends and now strangers, 11-year-old Hugo and Lucas embark on one last journey to their shared imaginary universe, that has turned into a very scary place.

A film by Thiago Kistenmacker, and co-production between Rotatória Filmes and White Wolfy!


2021, short, experimental-narrative sci-fi

The day of a man using an app to find real estate to invest in is transformed when the borders of his reality are shattered. “Layout” is an experimental horror/sci-fi about urban transformation in São Paulo, Brazil, and the violence inherent to it. Debut film of director Clara Martins Hermeto.

Coproduction between Cabograma Filmes & White Wolfy.

2020, short, experimental

A poetry film made entirely with a cell phone exploring the regret and longing of a Brazilian immigrant in London. Screened at over 30 festivals after premiering at the 43th The Norwegian Short Film Festival.

A Brazil-UK production.


2019, short, romance

Shot in 2017 with crowdfunded money, ‘Infinite While It Lasts’ is the first fiction film about asexuality. Based on research and interviews conducted over a three-year period, the project won a pitching competition for a free sound mixing process by Cinecolor, considered to be the best post-production company in Latin America.

Screened at over 70 festivals after premiering at the 33rd BFI Flare Film Festival, in March 2019.
Now available at Peccadillo Pictures' DVD collection "Boys on Film 22"!

2019, short, drama

After an accident, Duda must deal with Manuela, a nurse haired to spend the weekend at her house. A film about a friendship that overcomes the barriers of work relationships and social classes.

Debut film of the director Olavo Ribeiro!


2018, short, romance

Our exciting second film! Two photographers discover Sao Paulo as they fall in love. Premiered at Boston’s 34th Wicked Queer. Part of the ‘42 Frameline Film Festival’, the oldest and largest LGBTQ film exhibition event in the world, and also the 28th Inside Out Toronto, the 32th Leeds International and the 26th Mix Brasil.

2017, short, romance

Our debut film, about a couple fighting with depression and finding the joy of living again. Screened at more than 30 international film festivals, including 36th Vancouver International, 35th Reeling Chicago, 33th Wicked Queer Boston, 25th Queer Screen - Mardi Gras, and winning five awards to date.

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Check out our future short and feature films projects, ranging from drama to fantasy!

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