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(How She Looks)

After an accident, Duda must deal with Manuela, a nurse haired to spend the weekend at her house. A film about a friendship that overcomes the barriers of work relationships and social classes. Debut film of the director Olavo Ribeiro.

Best Film, Best Script and Best Sound Design at the Filmworks Film Festival.

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Best Film, Best Script and Best Sound Design at the Filmworks Film Festival;

Kansas City Underground Film Festival;

Curta Pinhais;

10th Pune Short Film Festival

Early Bird International Student Film Festival;

MIRA - Latin American Independent Filmfestival

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Natália Foschini


Carol Moreira

Direcor and Writer

Olavo Ribeiro

Executive Producer

Sofia Wickerhauser

Assistant Director

Fabíola Andrade

Hector Frones

Director of Photography

Lorenzo Scavone

Art Director

Carolina Ballan


Olavo Ribeiro

Production Manager

Gabriela França Varella

Sound Recording

Paulo Monteiro

Assistant Camera

Hector Frones

Gustavo Thompson

Bruno di Torino

Sound Design

Cezar Araujo

Color Grading

Lorenzo Scavone


Lorenzo Scavone

Roberto Prado

Graphic Design

Paulo Ernesto

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