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Infinito Enquanto Dure
(Infinite While It Lasts)

After falling in love at a party, Danny and Seiji just want to be together. However, their differences might prove stronger than their feelings.

“Infinite While It Lasts” shows the possibilities of relationships that do not conform to sexual normativity. In a light and humorous way, the movie presents Danny’s universe, his internal struggles and perspectives, starting from a common feeling to many people: love, and the desire to be together.

Shot with crowdfunded money, ‘Infinite While It Lasts’ is the first fiction film about asexuality. Based on interviews conducted over a three-year period, the project won a pitching competition for a free sound mixing process by Cinecolor, considered the best post-production company in Latin America.

Premiered at the 33rd BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival.

Now available at Peccadillo Pictures' DVD collection "Boys on Film 22"!

33rd BFI Flare Film Festival;
45th Seattle International Film Festival;
26th Palm Springs International ShortFest;
30th São Paulo International Film Festival;
29th Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival;
35th Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival;
31st NewFest: New York's LGBTQ Film Festival;
27th Mix Brasil;
30th Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - Best Narrative Short Film;
SpringOut! Middle Tennessee LGBT+ Film Festival – Best Directing Award;
Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival - Best Screenplay;
Bristol Pride – Best of BFI Flare;

+ 60 festivals

Now available at Peccadillo Pictures' DVD collection "Boys on Film 22"!



Listen to the amazing soundtracks in the film:

Joana Bentes.jpg

As a singer, songwriter, music producer and instrumentalist, Joana Bentes deals with the composing process with care and speaks from the feminine's perspective of issues such as love, sex and existential issues. She integrates visual arts and music based on the use of words and works centered in auto-biography.

Oscillating between the realms of Hip-Hop and RnB, the humble yet charismatic Dyna Edyne has been making a name for herself as an emerging artist in the Miami scene. Filling the gap between new-age and Soul music, Dyna has accumulated a prominent fan base, leading her to perform alongside prominent RnB artists and increasing radio play.

Dyna Edyne.jpg

Launched in 2011 by former skate punk rocker Toby Hwang and fugitive astrophysicist Annie Ko, Love X Stereo is a dazzling Seoul electro rock duo whose dreamy kaleidoscope of stellar synthpop anthems have enraptured music festival audiences across Asia, Europe, and North America. With the epic release of their double EP series ‘We Love We Leave’ in 2016, Love X Stereo headlined at SXSW’s perennially packed ‘K-Pop Night Out’ showcase, and nabbed a best electronic dance album of the year nomination at the 2017 Korean Music Awards. 

Talita Avelino is a young singer and composer from São Paulo who’s had contact with folk songbooks since her childhood, watching her grandfather in congadas, in the Minas Gerais countryside. With references in regional music, her work has a dab of nordestina (northeastern) music. Studying guitar as a teenager, she absorbed influences from MPB and, at the age 17, composed the xote (Brazilian music genre) “Flor que não se cheira”. Her first EP “Pequena Flor” shows the most romantic and pop side of the singer.

Talita Avelino.jpg



Michel Pereira


Julio Aracack


Lisi Andrade


Paulo Ernesto

Written and Directed by

Akira Kamiki

Executive Production

Sofia Wickerhauser

Assistant Director

Érica Pierre

Director of Photography

Paulo Fischer

Second Director of Photography

Bruno Siomi

Art Director

Fernanda Cuenca

Costume Designer

Gabriela Mano


Olavo Ribeiro

Production Manager

Sofia Wickerhauser

Boom Operator

Rafael Galdino

Production Assistant

Rafael Galdino

Gabriel Gomes

Paulo Monteiro

Assistant Camera

Naia Carrasco

André Tashiro

Thallita Oshiro

Leo Sgarbi

Rafaela Scaff

Art Assistant

Ana Zavascki

Eloisa Suda

Gabriela Mano

Art Painter

Igor Brasa

Sound Recordist

Luciano Santos

Sound Editing

Cezar Araujo

Sound Mixing

Ricardo Zollner

Color Grading

Guilherme Begué

Graphic Design

Victor Fernandes


Walter Mastelaro Neto

Guilherme Andrade

Filipi Souza Nunes

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