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In development

O Deus e a Raposa
(The God and the Fox)

A sly fox offers a girl her deepest desire, for a price.

A live-action fantasy short.

Shooting in São Paulo, Brazil.

A live-action fantasy:

After losing her only friend Ana, priestess apprentice Mel spends her days alone, wandering the woods. Upon finding a fox that was turned into stone by an evil god, Mel receives the extraordinary opportunity to bring Ana back to life, in exchange for helping the fox regain freedom. Having to face the cunning fox, the deceptive cat, the spirit that lures wanderers into the woods, and the stern monk that belittles her, Mel will realize that nothing is free; every wish has a price to be fulfilled.

THE GOD AND THE FOX is a live-action fantasy short film that explores the imaginary of Japanese folklore in Brazil, a place that has the biggest Japanese colony in the world, mixing settings, themes and languages from both countries. Thanks to the huge distribution and popularity of anime, today these elements are part of the collective imagination of new generations of Brazilians - descendants or not.

Target audience:

Primarily children and teenagers who enjoy the fantasy genre, Japanese Culture and anime, mostly in the 7 to 16 age range, but without discarding young adults with the same interests since the film doesn't have a 'children's film esthetic'. This niche is not at all well explored in the Brazilian industry, not to mention the lack of productions in general for teenagers/young adults here.

During Anime Slate 2017, Netflix announced that Brazil is the country that watches anime the most, after Japan, which shows the audience is large.

Internationally, the potential is huge, especially in the US and Europe where audiences are already consolidated (according to Parrot Analytics, 2018).

1 Raposa.jpg

The Stone Fox

A creature of mysterious powers, the Fox wants freedom after being imprisoned in stone by an evil god. According to the Fox.

Mel, the Priestess

Despite being a Shrine maiden, Mel hates her chores and only cares about playing with her friend Ana. She has a strong connection to nature and the spiritual world, being able to hear the voices of animals and spirits. Her gentle heart doesn’t notice the evil intentions of those who wish to use her.

2 Mel.jpg
4 gato.jpg

Mr. Cat

A good lad, he just wants to help with all his heart - he swears! The fact that he appears only in the form of a shadow, without revealing his true form, is nothing unusual…

Lady of the Woods

A mysterious entity that attracts wanderers into the woods. Just to help them, of course.

3 Moça 2.jpg
6 Mascara.jpg

The Masked God

Compassionate and unforgiving, tyrannical and indulgent, ignorant and omniscient. Such is the God Mel serves.

The Dear Ana

When alive, Ana was the cutest of the cutest. The best of all friends that one has ever befriended! She used to be the voice of reason that kept Mel away from danger.

5 Ana.jpg

*imagens are only illustrations of the characters.



Sofia Wickerhauser

Director of Photography

Milena Seta 

Art Director

Monica Palazzo

Art Director / Costume Designer

Fatima Lima

Makeup Artist

Claudia Riston


Thiago Kistenmacker

Sound Designer e Sound Mixing

Julia Teles


Luis Felipe Labaki

Graphic Designer

Paulo Ernesto

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