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Top 10 Lugares em São Paulo
(Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo)

The very best places to visit, takes photos and fall in love in São Paulo!

Two photographers discover Sao Paulo as they fall in love. Part of the ‘42 Frameline Film Festival’, the oldest and largest LGBTQ film exhibition event in the world. Premiered at Boston’s 34th Wicked Queer, and also screened at the 28th Inside Out Toronto,  32th Leeds Internationa and 26th Mix Brasil.

Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: Productions


Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: About


Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: About


42 Frameline, San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival;

32th Leeds International Film Festival;

26th Mix Brasil;

28th Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival;

34th Wicked Queer: The Boston LGBT Film Festival;

35th Chicago Latino Film Festival;

31st image+nation, Montreal's LGBTQ Film Festival;

19th Out Here Now: Kansas City LGBT Film Festival;

27th BENT: Sacramento LGBTQ Film Festival;

25th San Diego Latino Film Festival;

+ 30 festivals

Available on the following platforms: GaGaOOLala, QueerBee e CLFFmás.

Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: Welcome
Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: Photo Gallery



Esteban H. Esquivel


Clayton Nascimento

Written and Directed by

Akira Kamiki

Executive Production

Sofia Wickerhauser

Special Appearance

Igor Armucho

Assistant Director

Rafael Machado

Director of Photography

Paulo Fischer

Art Director

Fatima Lima

Victor Fernandes

Production Manager

Guilherme Andrade

Sofia Wickerhauser


Tommaso Ermolli


Laise Pereira

Olavo Ribeiro

Casting Producer

Yan Della Torre

Costume Designer

Fatima Lima

Art Assistant

Fernanda Frate

Art Design

Victor Fernandes

Assistant Camera

André Tashiro

Thiago Cunha


Laise Pereira

Sound Recordist

Wesley Sviatovski

Tiago Godoy

Helena Rangel

Sound Assistant

Laís Ribeiro

Production Assistant

Roney Vieira

Sound Design

Gabriel Silvestre

Color Grading

Marina Franzolim

Photos by Plínio

Felipe Grespan

Photos by Fran

Paulo Fischer

Graphic Designer

Victor Fernandes



Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo: News
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