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Where We Come From

Growing up, my schoolmates would often say there was something wrong with me. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, to a middle-class family. In public school, I was the only atheist, the only girl who did not want to become a mother, and also the only one who cared that there were almost no non-white and non-heterosexual characters on TV shows and in movies. I was an oddity to others since I myself was a white, apparently-straight person, and I was constantly made fun of, either because I was so angry over “something so stupid”, or because I went around school trying to convince others we had to change this situation.

This unsettlement came to be when I realised that LGBT people were being attacked (verbally and physically) in various social spheres, and their representation in the media only validated this violence. The fact people were okay with the things that were fundamentally wrong to me, and that they would even ridicule me for thinking so, made me furious and turned me to writing as a way to express this suffocating anger.

Today, I realise that I wanted to be a filmmaker long before I even knew I could. In the 1990s, Brazilian cinema was at a historical all-time low, with less than twenty movies coming out yearly. All everyone watched were Disney animations and American comedies. “Making-of” documentaries on TV showed successful film directors to be male, North American, and rich, which convinced me for a long time that filmmaking only existed in another reality – one I was not part of.

Filmmaking is the thing that I do when I cannot sleep at night. It is my response to a world that is constantly trying to belittle me and others like me – the “misfits”, who refuse to bow down to normativity. I took the things people said were wrong with me and turned them into movies – an act of rebellion, in a world that profits from our sense of inferiority.

Sofia Wickerhauser


Sofia Wickerhauser


Sofia Wickerhauser is a Brazilian director, writer and producer born and raised in Sao Paulo. In 2013 graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, with a focus on filmmaking. Graduated in Film Directing in 2017, having written and directed three short films in the span of two years, winning five awards for her debut film. She also signed as executive producer in over 10 independent short films and as distribution producer for the Brazilian film company Artrupe.
Since 2018,she is also part of the selection committee of the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, hosted by Kinoforum.


Our Partners

Get To Know Us

Meet our crew and see what makes White Wolfy the well functioning machine that it is. We are a crew of creative minds and each specializing in a different element of production. Want to learn more? Our group of producers and editors are ready to work with you on your next project.

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Érica Pierre

Translation and Subtitling

Born in Brasília, with a degree in journalism, fluent in English (owns IELTS certificate), did some extracurricular courses in filmmaking during college and in 2017 moved to Sao Paulo to study film directing at the Academia Internacional de Cinema (International Academy of Cinema). Worked as an assistant director at the independent feature film Sobre Nos (About Us) in 2016, worked with the same production company as a producer in theater plays in Recife, Goiania, Brasilia and Sao Paulo. In 2017 worked at short films with production, assistant director, editing and wrote her first script. In 2018 started working with English-Portuguese subtitles and is currently working on two scripts.

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Olavo Ribeiro


Olavo Ribeiro is a Brazilian film editor. He graduated in Communication and Multi-media from PUC-SP and in Film Directing from Academia Internacional de Cinema (International Academy of Cinema). He edited more than 10 short films and the feature documentary ‘Somos Todos Estrangeiros’, which screened at the 40th São Paulo International Film Festival.

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Victor R. Fernandes

Graphic Design

Graduated in Fine Arts by FAAP in 2001, Victor Fernandes worked with publicity until focusing on Art Direction, where he currently works as a Graphic Designer since 2017. His credits include the TV series ‘Assedio’ (O2/Globo), ‘Rotas do Ódio’ (Panorâmica/Universal Channel), ‘O Zoo da Zu’ (Boutique Filmes/Discovery Kids) and ‘Mauá’ - O Primeiro Gigante (Boutique/History Channel) – and of course, ‘Top 10 Places to Visit in Sao Paulo’, after meeting Sofia Wickerhauser at the Academia Internacional de Cinema (International Academy of Cinema), where he studied Art Direction and also Direction of Photography.

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Yan Della Torre

Casting Production

Screenwriter Specialist in Script Writing, at London City Academy, UK, and graduated in Theater. He was an Assistant Screenwriter of Screenwriter Jaqueline Vargas. He was a Walt Disney World Cast Member, in Florida, where he was trained at Disney Traditions at Disney University. He has participated in Workshops with the British Playwright Frazer Flintham, with the Screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga, with the Screenwriter Janes V. Hart, with the Authors Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid, with the Screenwriter Leandro Saraiva, with the Executive Producer Simon Eagan, with the Art Producer Brigitte Broch, with the Actress Geraldine Chaplin, with Actor Louis Garrel. He is the CEO of Lavanda Films, and has been in the market since 1998.

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Lavanda Films


Lavanda Films is a Brazilian film company, that stands for "Acting For Diversity" and since 2011 has been contributing to the formation of culture, investing in Theater and Cinema. Lavanda Filma is co-producer of Akira Kamiki's award-winning "Poente" (Afterglow). With collaborators in several countries, and has been working for a more diverse and multicultural cinema.