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(Planta Baixa)

The day of a man using an app to find real estate to invest in is transformed when the borders of his reality are shattered. “Layout” is an experimental horror/sci-fi about urban transformation in São Paulo, Brazil, and the violence inherent to it. Debut film of director Clara Martins Hermeto.

Coproduction between Cabograma Filmes & White Wolfy.



Beto Schultz

Fabrício Bini

Valoli Vieira

Mauro Medeiros

João Guilherme Costa

William Zimolo

Gabriel Edé

Alejandra Flores

Matheus De Souza

Ines Bushatsky

Rita Niza

Darília Lilbé

Suelen Targino

Written and Directed by

Clara Martins Hermeto

Executive Production

Clara Martins Hermeto

Sofia Wickerhauser

Assistant Director

Beatriz Prestes

2nd Assistant Director

Julio de Toledo

Director of Photography

Bruno Siomi

Art Director

Anita Lisboa

Production Manager

Aline Medeiros
Rafaela Scaff

Sound Recordist

Caio Kenji
Natasha Westenberg

Sound Assistant

Gianluca L. Quaranta
Gabriel Edé

Assistant Camera

Sue Adur

2nd Assistant Camera

Luisa Nico

Ronin Operator

André Tashiro


Noel Filho

Best boy

Igor Beltrão
Leandro Jorge

1st Art Assistant

Lidia Ganhito

Art Assistant

Natália Miyashiro
Maria Fernanda Bonfante
Mayara Durães


Leonardo Prioli

Sound Editing

Mariana Leão

Sound Mixing

Julia Teles

Color Grading

Emilio Gonzalez

Graphic Design

Larissa Delfim

Special Effects

Rodrigo Faustini

Design and Motion Graphics

Victor Fernandes

Logo app

Luis Mourão


Clara Martins Hermeto


Clara Martins Hermeto lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She went to Math school and Music school, but eventually dropped out of both to start working in the film industry, which had been her initial dream as a teenager. Neither colleges' experiences were in vain, of course, as the curiosity and skills related to rhythm, form and structure carry on to Film.  
A screenwriter working out of her own independent production company (Cabograma Filmes), Clara is currently finishing up two feature scripts and an animated series, as well as starting pre-production on two short docs which she will also be directing. 
Her thematic interests are multiple, but are always approached through the desire of testing the tools available in the audiovisual language, without ever renouncing her own local and specific point of view in the world - São Paulo, Brazil, South America. Layout is her directorial debut.

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